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Friday, September 6, 2013

Book Review: Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander by Phil Robertson

Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander by Phil Robertson is a very honest and transparent view of the life of the Duck Commander. Writing his autobiography, Phil Robertson starts from his childhood and moves through the years touching on how he was raised, the early years of family life with Miss Kay and becoming a Christian, and, if course, how Duck Commander came into existence.

Phil Robertson came from "humble, humble beginnings" and, although the early life of Phil Robertson may seem odd to a lot of people, he wouldn't change a bit of it. Phil explains it best by saying they lived "like it was the 1850's" and he takes the time to explain how they grew and hunted their own food and learned to live off of the land. Phil moves on to his time in football and how he met (and married) Miss Kay. Did you know they were married when Phil was only 16 and Miss Kay was 15!? Phil was a great football player and he even tells of his time with a quarterback named Terry Bradshaw and he holds a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education and a Master's Degree in Education. Although there is a lot of things back into the first part of the book, it helps you to understand the background of the man who is to become the Duck Commander and gives great insight into the lives of himself and his family.

Phil moves on too some dark days in his life and I am sure it was hard to write but he uses this time as part of his testimony and life story to show how people can change and what changes them. His struggle with alcohol led him to fights and also separated him from his family for months but Miss Kay tells her side of the story as well during this time so you are able to keep a perspective on how both dealt with this time. It's definitely a time of trials for the Robertson's but this is also a time when they face those trials and bring religion and a spiritual perspective into their lives. This is where they begin to ground their lives in the Bible and the saving grace of Jesus Christ and move forward together. Miss Kay's commitment to Phil is definitely something to look at and copy but also Phil's commitment to change his ways and help guide his family down this path they decided to follow.

Phil completes the last half of the book by explaining how they got the land that they are currently living on and started Duck Commander. People think that starting a business is pretty simple and in a lot cases it is but starting a manufacturing business is another thing altogether and takes a lot of trial, error, and time. The inclusion of the entire family to work on the duck calls made this time something they could all be proud of and the tradition is still going today with the family still running the company founded by Phil Robertson. Phil shows that hard work, determination, and a strong faith and family will help you fulfill the goals of your life, whether they are what you were wanting or, actually, what you need. I highly recommend Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander by Phil Robertson for everyone to read but especially those who are fans of the Duck Dynasty show.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Becoming Your Spouse's Better Half: Why Differences Make a Marriage Great [Kindle Edition]

Amazon offers eBooks at promotional prices all the time - anywhere from free to 50% or more off. These offers will typically last 24 hours but are subject to be ended at any time or even extended. As always, please double check the pricing before purchasing. These eBooks can be viewed on any device that utilizes the Kindle application such as Smartphones, eReaders (i.e. Kindle Fire), Tablets, and Computers.

Today, June 12, 2012, Becoming Your Spouse's Better Half: Why Differences Make a Marriage Great [Kindle Edition] by Rick Johnson is listed as free. This eBook retails for $13.99 but this is your chance to get it for free! I have included the product description from Amazon after the break and you can get the eBook here.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Love, Sex, and Happily Ever After [Book Review]

In a society where marriage is no longer as sacred as it once was, it is hard to know what to expect or how to get through marriage and partake of this holy matrimony to the fullest extent. In Craig Groeschel's book - Love, Sex, and Happily Ever After - the principles of a healthy beginning to marriage are laid out to help you be prepared for your future spouse. Although this book focuses strongly on preparing for marriage instead of those who are already married, it is very practical and can be applied to those who are single, dating, engaged, or married (even those married a long time). The guidelines found in this book will help you be prepared on how to treat your spouse and how to make the most of your marriage to each other by laying the strongest foundation you can - on God and His Word.